Foreign Trade Zone

The City of Industry's Foreign Trade Zone offers a unique opportunity for companies seeking innovative solutions to the many challenges associated with conducting international trade. A Foreign Trade Zone is an area physically located within the United States, but deemed to be outside the U.S. Customs territory.

Large and small companies alike use Foreign Trade Zones; 70 percent of Foreign Trade Zone users are small businesses. These companies defer, reduce or eliminate U.S. Customs duties, fees and certain taxes. Such companies include importers, manufacturers, distributors, assemblers of products, and exporters of imported merchandise and/or products containing imported merchandise.                                 

The City of Industry has nearly 500 acres designated as a Foreign Trade Zone. These FTZ areas are approximately 40 miles from LAX, 28 miles from Ontario international airport, and 45 miles from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

For more information on the City of Industry's Foreign Trade Zone, contact:

Scott Neal |Marketing and Compliance
4910 Azusa Canyon Road
Irwindale, CA. 91706
Office: 626-337-0010
Cell: 562-479-6393

Other sources of information are the web sites of the National Association of Foreign Trade Zones and the California Trade & Commerce Agency