Who We Are

History of the Industry Business Council 

The Industry Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1962.   In January of 1970, the Chamber expanded to include the Industry Manufacturers Council (IMC) whose members and officers were comprised of representatives of business firms located within the City.  In 2018, the Industry Manufacturers Council transitioned to the Industry Business Council (IBC).  The IBC rebranded to reflect changes in the City of Industry business community from a predominantly manufacturing population to a more diverse presence of manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, distribution and other international influence.  This new phase gives members the opportunity to take advantage of the network within the IBC and participate in events that are tailored to the interests of its members.

Who is the IBC 

The IBC serves over 3,000 business located in the City of Industry and member businesses from the surrounding region with a mission to promote a business-friendly community for the purpose of advancing economic growth.

The Industry Business Council is a non-profit, professional business organization serving the needs of its members.  The IBC not only serves the community, but works to increase the visibility of its members to boost profits throughout the City of Industry and the region.  Membership Levels are tailored to fit the needs of our diverse business community and provide businesses a voice in the City and the region.

The Industry Business Council Consists of a Board of Directors, Active Sub-Committees, Executive Director and IBC Staff.